OpHeart Prize

There are so many smart, innovative people that have great ideas about how we can do better by our heart warriors. Oftentimes, these people are the same ones that treat our fighters every day- cardiologists and surgeons that utilize the technology and know the most intimate details of what it takes to correct our babies’ broken hearts.

Yet, despite this boon in innovation, the primary funding source for these ideas, the National Institute of Health, has consistently cut the grants available to fund such projects.  Now, less than 10% of grant applications get the financing they require to get their ideas off the ground.

We are committed to getting 3D prints of patients’ hearts to pediatric cardiac care teams and getting the tools to parents to help them be the best advocates for their heart warriors. But there are plenty of amazing ideas that don’t fall under either of these umbrellas, and OpHeart wants to help.

Our goal is to establish an annual grant of $100,000 to support those innovators and their ideas, for the benefit of more heart warriors and their families.

If you would like to make the OpHeart prize a reality, please consider donating here.