Though oftentimes Critical Congenital Heart Defects are diagnosed in utero, affording a certain amount of time to plan next steps, that is not always the case.

Parents can find themselves thrust without forewarning into a world completely foreign to them, forced to make life-altering decisions about the lives and health of their precious babies, without the “luxury” of time to research, gather recommendations, seek out second opinions or even familiarize themselves with the medical jargon from which the future of their baby hinges.

OpHeart is meant to foster a community and serve as an important resource for CCHD families, including when timing is critical.

If your baby has been diagnosed and time is of the essence in determining next treatment steps, we want to provide an emergency number that you can call, regardless of the hour.  We will try and answer your questions and put you in touch with resources to help you in this time-critical moment that can determine the course of your child’s future.

If your questions not time-critical, please utilize our Second Opinion Service (SOS) or post it on our Ask and Answer Boards.

If you would like to make the OpHeart Red Line a reality, please consider donating here.