In addition to offering families a toolbox, we also intend to create a repository of information designed to help them be the best advocates for their heart warriors and connect them with fellow CCHD families.

Our archives will house information particular to their child’s specific Critical Congenital Heart Defect, as well as provide an overview of the field of pediatric cardiology and the application of 3D printing in the treatment of children with CCCHDs.  The better we understand our heart warriors’ challenges and the more we know about current research and advances in technology, the better our babies’ prognoses.

Further, oftentimes the best sources of information are other CCHD parents.  We want to give parents the ability to easily communicate with each other and provide a means to search for and save such questions and answers.

Finally, if others want to get involved in advancing the use of 3D printing for the benefit of our heart warriors and help parents access better information so that they can be the best advocates possible for their babies, we have some suggestions in how to get involved.

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