3D Print Heart Warriors Club

Stories of Families that Have Personally Benefitted

Every few weeks, a story surfaces in the news about a baby with a particularly complex heart whose life has been saved by the ability to 3D print a model of her heart before surgery.  Rarely, however, do we hear from the parents and get insight as to their experience, their roller-coaster ride of emotions that goes with a life-ending diagnosis and the salvation offered by this technology.

Such an experience can be isolating, and we want to provide a forum for families to share these stories.  In so doing, we hope to build a community whose first-hand experience with 3D printing illustrates how this technology saves lives and families, and why it is a worthy cause for widespread adoption.

Meet Jemma and her brave family- mom Stephanie,  father Rory and big sisters India and Olive.  They are the first members of the 3D Printed Heart Warriors Club.

Meet London, a thriving 6-year-old, diagnosed prenatally with Double Inlet Left Ventricle, and one of the first children to benefit from a breakthrough procedure to cure plastic bronchitis.

Meet Luke, another heart warrior who has benefited from 3D printing in his treatment.

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