3D Model Library of CCHDs

The inspiration for OpHeart was the desire to give pediatric cardiac care teams, and particularly surgeons, the ability to view and even practice the corrective treatment on a 3D model of a child’s heart before stepping foot into the OR.

Even surgeons, who are incredibly skilled at taking 2-dimensional data and reconstructing a child’s heart in 3D in their minds have a need for such a tool.  This underscores how difficult it can be for parents, mere mortals, to imagine what, exactly, is happening to our babies when our surgeons draw their particular Critical Congenital Heart Defects (CCHDs) on a piece of paper, typically while receiving this stomach-dropping, blood-chilling news for the first time.

Plenty of websites are out there where you can find more drawings of a particular CCHD, but none really caters to the mother trying to wrap her head around her baby’s CCHD.

If we reach our funding goals, we want to take the same 3D images that pediatric cardiologists and surgeons use all the time, and make them father-friendly.  The image of a heart with a CCHD will be placed alongside a healthy heart, both fully rotatable, so that you can see it from all angles.

Further, the heart will be labeled, in order that parents can match the doctor’s drawing with the 3D image.

If you would like to help us make the 3D Print CCHD Library a reality, please consider donating here.