Medicalese-to-English Translator

The diagnosis of a Critical Congenital Heart Defect is, for a lot of parents, the introduction into a whole, new world, in which everything from conceptualizing space (now measured in the millimeters of your little one’s ductus) to time (a trial-by-fire crash course in truly living in the moment) is foreign.

We rely on our warriors’ care teams to guide us through this brave new world, sherpas to this emotional Mt. Everest we must scale.  But just like a true sherpa in Tibet, we don’t always speak the same language as our guides.

Despite their best efforts, sometimes it is impossible to make heads or tails of your doctors’ status updates.  3D printing certainly helps bridge the divide, but there can still be a need for a pocket translator in deciphering the true state of your child.

Here we will collect all the acronyms and other doctor jargon you may encounter, and try to help you translate it into plain English, so that you will understand everything that is going on with your warrior.

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