OpHeart is our family’s attempt to make a real difference in the lives of CCHD families and society by providing:

  1. pediatric care teams the tools they need to perform their best; and
  2. CCHD families the resources they need to make the best choices for their heart warriors.

In that way, we hope to give tangible form to our immense gratitude to the practitioners of pediatric cardiac medicine and to specifically honor the team at University Hospital 12 de Octubre that not only saved our Ari’s life, but also preserved her quality of life.

Areas of Focus

In order to advance each of these prongs of our mission, we are currently concentrating our efforts on two areas.

First, we believe that if pediatric cardiac care teams, and particularly surgeons, had the ability to review and even practice surgery on a 3D print replica of a particular patient’s heart, patients would receive better treatment, ultimately resulting in better outcomes, not only with respect to their short-term recovery but in addition with regard to re-operations and overall health and abilities, cognitive as well as physical.

Thus, we are working with doctors, nurses, 3D printer manufacturers, software developers, medical device companies, third-party payors and CCHD families to get doctors access to 3D printed models of patients’ hearts for the benefit of as many children as possible.

Second, in promoting informed decision-making for CCHD families, we are creating a publicly available repository of resources at opheart.org, including a rating system of pediatric cardiac practitioners (DR), our second-opinion service (SOS), a financial center and much more.

2017 Objectives

Our immediate goals are:

  • Support the 3D Print Study, the hope for which is to prove the cost benefits of utilizing 3D print technology in treatment ascertainment and planning of pediatric cardiac intervention.  OpHeart is attempting to (i) raise the necessary funding and (ii) provide project management services, for the benefit of the 3D Print Study.
  • Create opheart.org 2.0 which will incorporate the functionality earmarked in the current iteration seen here, in order to build a strong CCHD community and lay the groundwork for providing resources for families.
  • Open up channels of dialogue with 3D ultrasound manufacturers Siemens, GE, and Phillips to permit access to and use of raw data that can be used to create 3D models more cheaply and for the benefit of more children.

5-Year Goals

In 5 years, we would like to have accomplished the following:

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