OpHeart No-Strings-Attached Grant

Never has it been more difficult to secure NIH funding for research, underwriting for training or support for your own philanthropic endeavors, much less for line items like salary support.

We want to help you help others, and have set aside 10% of all money we fundraise each year to support everything from medical missions, operating room supplies, to medical device innovation, to surgical training for pediatric cardiac surgical fellows.

To apply, you can submit the same grant application required for funding from any of the following organizations:

In the alternative, you may submit a 1-page summary that includes the following information:

  • Project summary (300-word limit)
  • How does project improve treatment for CCHD (300-word limit)
  • Total project cost
  • Amount requested
  • Consequences if you do not receive this funding
  • Other funding sources
Focus Projects to improve pediatric cardiac treatment that might not otherwise get funded.
Deadline Rolling
Estimated Time to Complete Application 20-30 minutes (alternative submission time)

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