Conference: Transformative Technologies in the TMC



3D-Printing in Medicine- Is It All That?
The Nuts & Bolts of 3D-Printing (3DP) in Medicine
Medical Applications of 3DP- from Medulla to Metatarsal
Imaging for Segmentation
Segmentation Options
What’s in a Printer? Matching application to appropriate printer.
3DP in the TMC
The Future of 3DP
How to Get Reimbursement
3DP & Medical Device Applications
3DP & Clinical Trials

Break-Out Sessions

3DP in Adult Cardiac Care: The Houston Methodist Experience
3DP in Pediatric Cardiac Care


Billy’s World: Dr. Billy Cohn, J&J and the Center for Device Innovation
Segmentation Boot Camp
CHD Surgical Boot Camp
3DP Boot Camp- Meet the Printers
Playtime- Echopixel, HTC Vive, Halolens . . . Oh My!


Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Director of Simulation, Johns Hopkins’ All Children’s Hospital
Andy Christensen, Founder/ Medical Modeling, Inc.
Dr. Billy Cohn, Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Director, Johnson & Johnson’s Center for Device Innovation
Lisa Crump, Co-Founder, Stratasys
Scott Crump, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Stratasys
Dr. Jon Detterich, Pediatric Cardiologist, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Dr. Yoav Dori, Director, Lymphatic Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. Kanwal Farooqi, Pediatric Cardiologist, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
Dr. Mark Fogel, Cardiologist & Radiologist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. David Frakes, Director of Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), Google
Dr. Gloria Gogola, Pediatric Hand Surgeon, Shriner’s Hospital
Dr. Julie Hakim, Pediatric Gynecologist, Texas Children’s Hospital
Dr. Erik Halvorsen, Director, TMC Innovation Institute
Hilde Ingelaere, Co-Founder & Vice President, Materialise
Dr. Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Radiologist, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Dr. Stephen Little, Interventional Cardiologist, Houston Methodist Hospital
Dr. Huie Lin, Interventional Cardiologist, Houston Methodist Hospital
Dr. Juan Carlos Muniz, Cardiologist, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
Dr. Alistair Phillips, Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. Justin Ryan, Director Cardiac 3D PrintLab, Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Fried Vancrean, Co-Founder & CEO, Materialise
Dr. Peter Wearden, Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Nemour Children’s Hospital

*Program topics and participants are still being finalized.

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