Identifying the Experts Database

It’s not easy determining the best person to entrust your baby’s heart to, and by extension, your own. In the best of circumstances, researching and then balancing all of the variables like quality, proximity, financial costs and emotional expenses is difficult. But with an urgent diagnosis of CHD that reveals your baby’s life and future are at risk, it becomes nearly impossible.

Yet you must persevere, because getting to the right doctor matters.

Unfortunately, it is still difficult to identify the right doctor for your diagnosis and circumstances easily. But we are building a suite of tools to help, including this database.

You can search the nomenclature of your child’s condition in a library that is constantly being added to to find the doctors that are researching, writing and speaking about aspects of pediatric cardiology that relate to your baby’s diagnosis- in essence, the experts in your baby’s heart.

If you identify a doctor that you believe is particularly well-suited to treat your baby, we encourage you to contact him or her directly, or Contact Us if you need help reaching them.