As parents, we are the best advocates for our heart warriors.  A significant part of ensuring that our babies get the best treatment possible is familiarizing ourselves with who is doing what, and where.  Where do you go if your child needs a Melody stent?  Who is the best surgeon for the hybrid approach?  Who has the most experience and success with hypoplastic left heart syndrome?

One of the best ways to figure out the answers to questions like these is by reviewing who is presenting on these topics to their peers at the industry conferences.  This information can be hard to get, however.  Identifying the relevant organizations is a time-consuming, uphill battle, much less determining which conferences are considered important, and which are not.

If we reach our funding goals, we want to build and maintain a calendar of the conferences that the doctors themselves attend. Further, we intend to provide an abstract of each speaker’s topic and, if permitted, archive their powerpoint presentation in a database on as well.

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