PICS – AICS 2017

January 16-19

Keynote “TED-Style” Lecture “From Septostomies to Stem Cells – What the Next 50 years hold”
David Nykanen

Oral Abstract Presentations I
Moderators: Michael de Moor, John Bass, Alexander Javois

Leadership and Management in the Cath Lab Leadership Seminar
Presented by Bob Berk Poinciana

Oral Abstract Presentations II
Moderators: Levent Saltik, Redmond Burke, Larry Latson

Taped Cases
Moderators: Brent Gordon, Terry King

Mayo Clinic – Allison Cabalka & Nathaniel Taggart

Toronto – Mark Osten

Stanford – Lynn Peng

Afternoon session
Moderators: Thomas K Jones, William Hellenbrand

Stenting in the 21st Century – How Far Have We Come…and How Far We Have Yet to Go… Moderators: John Rhodes, Joaquim Miro

Use of Registries to Examine Outcomes with Stenting
Julie Vincent

The Biomechanics of Stent Development
Shyam Sathanandam

Neointimal Ingrowth – Can we predict and prevent this?
Felix Berger

The Physiological Impacts of Stenting – Measuring Flow Dynamics –
Aimee Armstrong

Bioresorbable Technology Is Here but is it Enough for CHD Patients? –
Dan Levi

Stents and Tissue Engineering – Pie in the Sky or a Reality in the Next 20 Years? –
Massimo Caputo

FDA Town Hall and Device Development (Doug Villnave Session)
Moderators: John Cheatham, Matt Gillespie, Vasum Peiris,

Devices We Need – Developing a Bioresorbable Scaffold That Works For Our Population
Martin Bocks

Devices Available Elsewhere – Challenges and Progress to Achieving Availability in the US
Evan Zahn

Device Development: Current Challenges and How to Overcome
Thomas Forbes

Early Feasibility Study Applicability to Pediatric Device Development
Nicole Ibrahim

Device Approval in Different Continents – Can we work together to Streamline Broader Approval Guidelines ? – Experience from Japan –
Teiji Akag

Live Cases: Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina Moderators: Damien Kenny, Ziyad M Hijazi Digital Moderators: Dan Gruenstein, Alexander Javois Panelists: Carlos Zabal, Jou Kou Wang, Makram Ebeid, Alvaro Galindo

Live Cases: Saudi Arabia, Chile, Argentina Moderators: William Hellenbrand, Dan Levi Digital Moderators: Gareth Morgan, Kanishka Ratnayaka Panelists: Noa Holoshitz, Seong –Ho Kim, Petru Liuba, Tarek Momenah,

Taped Cases Moderators: Richard Ringel, Jacqueline Kreutzer

Cincinnati – Bryan Goldstein

Houston – Huie Lin and John Breinholt

Israel – Elchanan Bruckheimeri
State of the Art – ASD Closure
Moderators: Horst Sievert, Worakan Promphan

Left Atrial Disengagement
Bharat Dalvi

The Malaligned Atrial Septum – Implications for Closure and Complications
David Balzer

How Recent Erosion Data Has Changed My Practice
Zahid Amin

Revisiting the Deficient IVC Rim Defect – Which defects should we attempt?
Masood Sadiq

ASD Closure Exclusively with TEE – Why and How?
Felix Berger

ASD Closure in Children < 8Kgs – Indications and Techniques
Jeremy Asnes

Transcatheter ASD Suture-mediated closure – Current Status and Future Challenges
Anthony Nobles

Complex Structural Interventions Moderators:
Cliff Kavinsky, John Carroll, Hussam Suradi

6 Case Presentations

Allison Cabalka (Mitral Valve)

Issam Moussa (TAVR with Close Coronaries)

Roberto Cubeddu (TAVR – Valve-in-Valve)

Reda Ibrahim (Tricuspid Valve)

Michel Ilbawi (Hybrid Case)

Mansour AlJufan (Pulmonic in Native Outflow)

Electronic Updates from the Cath Lab
Karen Iacono

Right Heart Cath Without Radiation
Ileen Cronin

Assessing Coronaries in CHD
Katie Soule

Managing PLE … anything new?
Yoav Dori

Mechanical Thrombectomy
Karen Iaconno

Ambulatory Fontan Pressure Monitoring Using an Implantable Sensor
Darren Berman

Transcatheter Innovations
Aimee Armstrong

“Program Development and Negotiation”
Dr. David Nykanen

“Innovations in Pulmonary Vein Stenosis”
Dr. Ryan Callahan

Research update (Jeffrey Zampi, MD VP – Research) + New/Old Business – PICES Executive Committee (Gareth Morgan, MD – Secretary; Matthew Crystal, MD – VP Clinical; Michael Seckeler, MD – Website Content Editor)

Case Presentation interactive session of toughest/most challenging/craziest case)
Michael Hainstock, MD

Update on Fusion Imaging Modalities
Thomas Fagan
3-D Modeling Will Prove More Beneficial than Holography in Guiding Congenital Interventions in the next 10 Years

Pro: Colin Mc Mahon
Elchanan Bruckheimer

Widespread Use of MRI Guided Interventions is a Reality in the Next 20 Years

Pro: Kanishka Ratnayaka
Con: Daniel Gruenstein

Ultrasound for Vascular Access Should be the Gold Standard
Pro: Christopher Petit
Con: Zahid Amin

Percutaneous Intervention of CASH: Alternative Non-fluoroscopic strategy (PAN procedure)
Xiangbin Pan

Live Cases: New York, Houston, Dallas Moderators: William Hellenbrand, John P Cheatham Digital Moderators: David Balzer, Darren Berman Panelists: Hideshi Tomita, Abe Rothman, Raul Rossi, Joshua Murphy

Live Cases: New York, Dallas, Houston Moderators: John Cheatham, Shakeel Qureshi Digital Moderators: Jeremy Asnes, Reda Ibrahim Panelists: Marco Papa, Charles Mullins, Wail Alkashkari, Pan Xin

Taped Cases Moderators:
Craig Fleishman, Lee Benson
LA – Evan Zahn
Seattle – Brian Morray
Dublin – Damien Kenny & Kevin Walsh

Interventions Outside the Heart Moderators:
Elchanan Bruckheimer, Mark Galantowicz

Airway Stenting for CHD patients: When and How –
Gareth Morgan

Use of Intraprocedural Brochoscopy to Assess for Airway Compression During Interventions
Matt Gillespie

Interventions on the Lymphatic System – Early Outcomes and Longer Term Applicability –
Yoav Dori

Interventions on the Portal System
K Sivakumar

Renal Artery Denervation Applicability to CHD patients –
Horst Sievert

Interventions for Middle Aortic Syndrome A Worthy Venture or Futile Folly
Shakeel Qureshi

Transhepatic Liver Biospy in TCPC Patients – When and How?
Howaida El-Said

Pushing the Boundaries
Moderators: Damien Kenny, Evan Zahn

Fetal Interventions – 25 years later….
Doff McElhinney

Closure of the Premature Duct – How small is too small?
Joaquim Miro

Assessing the Physiological Impact of our Interventions – How Imaging May Help –
Lee Benson

The Optimal Catheter Interventions for Pulmonary Hypertension – Where and How Big –
Dietmar Schranz

The Future of Managing Holes…From Bioresorbable to Histerotripsy
Marc Gewillig

Advances in Surgical Techniques – Balancing the Viewpoint of the Fabled Perils of Surgical Intervention –
Sertac Cicek

Assessing the Physiological Outcomes of our Interventions – Are we Underutilizing CPEX Testing?
Jonathan Rhodes

Left Atrial Appendage and Mitral Valve Interventions
Moderators: Roberto Cubeddu, Carlos Pedra

Wet Lab Anatomy of the LAA – Considerations for Closure –
Mark Reisman

Matching the Device to the Anatomy
Horst Sievert

Operator and Institution Requirements for LAA Occlusion
Cliff Kavinsky

The Watchman Device – Is this the end of the story for LAA Occlusion in the US for the next 10 Years?
Saibal Kar

Problems with Transcatheter Mitral Valve Reair and Replacement – A Surgical Perspective –
Robert March

Novel Approaches to the Mitral Valve for Repair and Replacement –
Robert Lederman

Measuring and Reducing Risk in Collaboration with CCISC
Moderators: Ralf Holzer, Thomas Forbes

Data Capture and Registry Participation for QI and QA: There Is No “One Shoe Fits All” Solution
Ralf Holzer

Use of Registry Data to Support QI and QA Efforts (and how to achieve quality data entry): The CCISC Experience
David Nykanen

Beyond QI and QA: Use of Data for Marketing – Pitfalls and Opportunities
Thomas Forbes

Update on IMPACT: Let’s Make an Impact on Device Approval
Robert Vincent

What Does the Future Hold: Integrating Surgical with Cath Data, Longitudinal and Multi-center Data Capture
Jeff Jacobs

It’s Not Just About the Data: How To Achieve Transparency in Multi-center QI Initiatives
Lisa Bergersen

Spanish Session
Moderators: Carlos Zabal , Horacio Faella, Daniel Aguirre

Computed Modeling and Simulation Role in Interventions for CHD
Mario Carminati

3D printing of the RVOT. Practical Clinical Applications.
Jose Luiz Zunzunegui Martinez

3D RTA and Interventions in CHD. Imaging Overkill or Useful Technology.
Francisco Garay

Preliminary Experience with The Venus P Valve in Latin America.
Alejandro Peirone

Use of The Large V12 Advanta Stent for Coarctation of the Aorta. Early and Late Outcomes in the International Multicenter Trial.
Carlos Pedra

Experience with The ADO II AS. Indications, Technique and Results.
Jacek Bialkowski

Live Cases:
Pittsburg, Columbus, Los Angeles
Moderators: Carlos Pedra, Thomas K Jones
Digital Moderators: Wail Alkashkari, Francisco Garay Panelists: Hasri Samion, Zoltan Turi, Michael Tynan, Horacio Faella, Jeffrey Zampi

Update on Structural Heart Interventions for Congenital Interventionalists Moderators:
John Carroll and Thomas Jones

Optimizing Patient Selection and Procedure Safety for PFO Closure: Lessons Learned from Respect
Richard Smalling

Post PFO Closure Medical Management Issues: Key to Long-Term Outcomes and Individualization of Medication
James Conners

Congenital Interventionalists have Nothing to Offer Now or in the Future with TAVR
Pro: Eric Horlick
Con: Jamil Aboulhosn

Interventional Options for Diastolic Heart Failure – Indications, Devices and Approach
Thomas Jones

Updated Outcomes on Transcaval TAVR
Robert Lederman

Surgical Advances to Support Hybrid Interventions in Structural Heart Disease
Robert March

Use of the MitraClip in CHD Patients
Scott Lim

Live Cases: Pittsburgh, Columbus, Los Angeles
Moderators: Ziyad M Hijazi, Zahid Amin
Digital Moderators: Huie Lin, Lynn Peng
Panelists: Maiy El Sayed, Ali El Halabi, Jae Young Choi, David Fulton, Jacek Bialkowski

My Nightmare Case In the Cath Lab Moderators:
Shakeel Qureshi & Dan Gruenstein
Moderators: Ziyad M Hijazi, John Carroll

Simplifying the Complex – My Step-by-Step Approach Moderators:
Satinder Sandhu & Shelby Kutty

RVOT Stenting and Avoidance of the Pulmonary Valve in Neonates
JV DeGiovanni

VSD Closure via the Retrograde Arterial Approach
Thomas Jones

PDA Stenting in Tetralogy-Variant Patients
Mazeni Alwi

Hybrid Mitral Valve Replacement in Infants
Emile Bacha

Hybrid Pulmonary Valve Replacement
Alistair Phillips

The Hybrid Approach to HLHS
Mark Galantowicz

Modalities to Support Large Sheath Advancement in RVOT Interventions
Mario Carminati