PICS – AICS 2017

January 16-19 Keynote “TED-Style” Lecture “From Septostomies to Stem Cells – What the Next 50 years hold” David Nykanen Oral Abstract Presentations I Moderators: Michael de Moor, John Bass, Alexander Javois Leadership and Management in the Cath Lab Leadership Seminar Presented by Bob Berk Poinciana Oral Abstract Presentations II Moderators: Levent Saltik, Redmond Burke, Larry […]

PICS – AICS 2015 UPREGULATION OF CD40/CD40L SYSTEM IN RHEUMATIC MITRAL STENOSIS WITH OR WITHOUT ATRIAL FIBRILLATION Nashwa Abousamra, Hanan Azzam, Mona Hafez, Abdel Hady El-Gilany, Ahmad Wafa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Clinical Pathology, Mansoura University , Mansoura , Egypt., Mansoura, Egypt Platelet activation occurs in peripheral blood of patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis (MS) and atrial […]

PICS – AICS 2014 MORNING SESSION Moderators: Roberto Lang, Ziyad Hijazi, John Hibbeln Why is Imaging Essential in Structural Heart Disease: An Interventionalist Viewpoint: John Carroll Evolving Role of Imaging: Added Value of Fusion Imaging: Itzhak Kronzon Morpho-Anathomy of the Mitral Valve: Roberto Lang Aortic Valve and Root Morphology: Modeling in Normal and Pathological Cases: Steve Goldstein Cases: […]

PICS – AICS 2013 Preparing and Loading Stents: Frank Ing Surgical Cutdowns: Michel Ilbawi Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Implantation – “Down to the Wire”: Evan Zahn STENTS IN MY PRACTICE – WHEN AND WHY Moderators: Marc Gewillig and John Cheatham Closed Cell Stents: Tom Forbes Open Cell Stents: Jackie Kreutzer Hybrid Stents: Jo DeGiovanni Covered Stents: Marc Gewillig OPTIMIZING […]